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Vivanco overview

Established in 1920 Vivanco a listed company headquartered in Ahrensburg Germany is a multi-specialist manufacturer in the consumer electronics and connectivity solutions space.

Vivanco is now part of an diversified MNC conglomerate group with annual group turnover of over 300 million Euro and over 5000 dedicated professionals with expertise in R&D, sales & marketing, product development, QC, administration and manufacturing spread across Europe, Asia and America is now rapidly expanding into the Asia region.

Vivanco is a multi specialist manufacturer for equipment and structured cabling solutions in Europe both in terms of breadth and depth of its solution in the consumer electronics and connectivity solutions. The concept “Your Right Connection” encompasses Vivanco’s focus to drive their business forward while benefiting from new technologies giving Vivanco a ranking of No. 2 overall for consumer electronics in Germany.

Vivanco offers end-to-end integrated solution in intelligent building industry from server room to desk outlet or campus wide network with its complete range of copper, fibre, smart home, data center, racks and security cabling solutions. Backed by dedicated and experienced technical and marketing professionals with average team experience of no less than 10 years.

Vivanco offers comprehensive warranty and product application training to its customers worldwide through its various programs.

Vivanco dedicates long-term commitment to support its customers and partners in the region it operates in is reflected by its individual country policy of hiring dedicated professional, tailor made product and solutions and distribution model along with adapting its best global practices for each country translating to a win-win situation for its customer and partners alike.

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VIVANCO Group offers end-to-end copper cabling solutions in data center,horizontal cabling and server room etc..

  • CAT 6A copper cabling system
  • CAT 6 copper cabling system
  • CAT 5e copper cabling system
  • CAT 3 copper cabling system
  • CAT 5e Multi-cores copper cabling system
  • CAT 3e Multi-cores copper cabling system
  • And Others

Fibre Cabling System

VIVANCO Group offers Fibre cabling solution from server room to desk outlet or compus wide and data center for customer requirment.

  • Outdoor Optical Fibre Solutions
  • Indoor Optical Fibre Solutions
  • FTTH Optical Fibre Solutions
  • Data Center Optical Fibre Solutions
  • Optical Accessories
  • And Others

Cabinets & Racks

VIVANCO Group offers cabinet&rocks system solution in data center and equipment room etc. for easy installation and fast management.

  • VB serves cabinet solution
  • VE networks cabinet solution
  • V6 open rack solution
  • VA wall mount cabinet solution
  • cabinet accessories
  • And Others

Accessories Instruction

VIVANCO Group offers various accessories in the practical construction and installation requirements for the performance of high efficient and convenient.

  • ModularePlug
  • Faceplate
  • Adaptor
  • Ground Socket
  • WIFI Solutions
  • And Others

Consumer Electronics